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Virtual DealerPro Services

Parker Business Planning, a leader in marine dealership management and consulting, is pleased to launch an exciting, all-new and fully Virtual DealerPro Services designed exclusively for marine dealerships and marinas.


David Parker, a highly respected marine dealership consultant who has organized and managed numerous marine “20 Groups”, has developed this proprietary new Virtual DealerPro Services to aid dealers in their critical management functions. It’s affordable, it’s virtual and it gives you access to our industry experts!


  • Virtual CFO: Our Virtual CFO can help your dealership grow to the next level
    • Consulting
    • Strategic PROFIT planning
    • Identify opportunities for improvement in all aspects of your business
    • Assist your department managers to take ownership of their improvement processes


  • Virtual Accountant: Industry experts can help you with any accounting need
    • Review accounting software setup
    • Install an industry specific chart of accounts
    • Assess and train accounting personnel
    • Provide accounting policies and procedures


  • Virtual Budgeting: Take the guess work and drudgery out of traditional budgeting
    • Detailed annual budget
    • Detailed monthly budget
    • Variance reports with Actual vs. Budget Comparisons


  • Virtual 20 Groups (now forming): Non-competing dealer principals working together to improve professionalism and profitability
    • Learn how other successful dealers run their business
    • Receive group input toward solving problems
    • Monthly conference calls with all members